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Perfect Baby Photography

To capture these precious few months of both expectant mother and newborn baby, maternity photography and newborn photography have become an enjoyable occupation in Singapore.

Not everyone has a hi neither fidelity camera nor does everyone even know the basics of good photography. Leave it to the professionals!

Maternity Photography

Once the initial discomfort of the first trimester is done with, and the nausea is almost over, the young mother-to-be starts putting on weight and all the good signs of pregnancy start showing. Lustrous hair, beautiful glowing skin and gently filling out waistline….and the professional photographer picks up his equipment and is on the way for some maternity photography.

Baby Photography

Your newborn is home finally- after the harrowing time in the hospital, eager visitors to see the little one, now it’s time for just the both of you and the baby for that important appointment – not at the doctor’s – but at that inviting baby photography studio! Yes, you have decided to capture it all while baby is still very tiny and delicate – not yet ten days old. (You have heard that the best time to capture newborns is before they are ten days old) And why not? It has been a difficult pregnancy, but the coming of this perfect little human has made it worthwhile. You seem to have forgotten the difficult days!

What Should You Expect:

  • A full length discussion on how you want baby photographed – with the family and/or using the props that the photographer has. Do you want skin on skin shots?
  • Though color photography captures the moment perfectly, there is something unique and timeless in black and white photography.
  • Hopefully you have NOT fed him just before coming like the photographer told you – if you have, then his sleep cycle must be over while driving there. The photographer would want him to sleep while he is in the studio, to capture those perfect new born poses.
  • Most newborns are photographed without clothes, the reason being any clothes would seem over sized for the newborn. Newborn photography is different from kid photography Singapore in that sense.
  • A caring photographer will provide the room warmth, and the conveniences to feed and soothe your baby.
  • The session will include only baby, baby with mother and father separately and together.
  • Photographing baby’s feet and hands are a must!
  • At the end of the session, some photographers will ask you to sign a model release which allows the photographer to use your new born’s pictures to further his or her business.
  • Out of the entire crop, the photographer will select about 40 to 50 of the best ones, correct any little blemishes like tiny baby acne, and provide the images on a CD, with a free usage license to get them printed at any studio.